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About Us

What is Puttr?

We are working on exciting products to improve your golf game and course maintenance practices.

When is Puttr launching?

We are currently in a closed alpha. Plans for a soft beta release are late summer 2017. Please contact us at if you are interested in joining the beta as either a golfer or course.

How does it help my game?

Puttr gives you more confidence in approaching each putt and improves your game by giving you information on every undulation of the green. It is an iOS app to that eliminates putts by giving you the best reads on greens. Our app serves photorealistic 3D models of greens, so you have a better idea of the green before seeing it. When approaching a putt, you can use our elevation and slope models as well as data on the surface conditions, so you can understand the curvature and speed better than you could gauge with the naked eye alone.

Our 3D models are easier to use and more accessible than two dimensional models of greens seen in tour yardage books. These models can be used to get familiar with new courses or simply improve your reads on your local course because every putt presents a new challenging read.

Given the location of your ball we can give you the correct line to the pin and force to sink your putt (think of Aimpoint models seen on TV during PGA events) in real time on any course for every golfer.

What are your future developments?

We are currently developing a putter wearable, which fits on the head of your putter and models the path your ball would take on the green during your practice stroke. This can be used for deliberate practice to improve stroke technique or before your stroke in a round to give you confidence in your line.

What do you offer courses?

Puttr courses, you can expect higher integrity greens and improved player throughput due to better data on the surface and players taking fewer strokes.

Our models have centimeter resolution to aid in reconstruction, renovation, and protection of the intellectual property of the green.

We also offer auxiliary services of course fly through videos and aerial photography for their promotional materials, making us the only drone service you need.

Who is Puttr?

The Puttr team consists of three co-founders and current Wake Forest University seniors Jackson Griffin, Clancy Waugh, and Alec White. Jackson is well versed in business development with a talent in developing business models and market strategy. Clancy is an elite golfer having played and won on the NCAA DI level with a background in communications. Alec is an expert in software development, drones, and 3D models. Together we aim to disrupt putting.

Contact Us

Unfortunately, we are still in a closed alpha. Please email us at for a chance to get an exclusive look at our app. We look forward to hearing from you!